G-rega - Slovenian family holiday operator (DMC)

  • Slovenia, what a place to visit! If you have a family of your own or you are a tour operator  and you are searching for the green oasis in the heart of Europe, we have the answer for you...

  • Whether you’re looking to treat yourself with the natural beauty Slovenia has to offer or you are full of expectations of sports activites, then we have a lot to offer.  

  • Our experienced, licensed instructors are professionally trained for outdoor activities. We make it possible for our guests to actively spend their holidays in a countryside and urban environment, and also experience an authentic Slovenia with its wealth of sights and a culinary offer to satisfy the most demanding connoisseur.  So get up, get out, and experience the authentic sights, sounds, and tastes of Slovenia, and don’t forget to pack your trainers.

  • Contact us or send us an enquiry: 

    Adress: Agencija G-rega, d.o.o. Hladilniška pot 36, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

    Tax no: SI75282739

    Tel: + 386 40 750 353


    Instagram & FB:  @zavodgrega

    Official site of the Slovenian tourist association: www.slovenia.info