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  • Zavod G-rega – children sports operator & organiser

    Welcome, dear parents and children to G-rega (F-roggy)!


    For all Froggies and for their parents, who are visiting our website for the first time, let us introduce it to you. This website includes just the simple descriptions of our programs – organisation of recreation, sport and leisure time G-rega. For all of you and also for our old customers, let us inform you that we are staying the same – still swimming, skiing, having gymnastics and rollerblading. We still have quality programs to offer, with an individual learning way and a lot of positive energy, so you will be (more than) pleased with our offer and staying with us. Mojority of our programs can be taught in English, German, Italian, French or Russian language so that your learning would be as funny and effective as possible.

    In order to find a program that will be convenient to your expectations and wishes, let us describe you what, where and how you and your children can be active. More specific introduction of programs with timetables, terms, description of what they are, and how they work, you can find on our web site Also video inserts and many pictures are available there.

    CHILDREN 3-5, 5-7 years, Zalog sport centre / Ljubljana Bezigrad (Center Soča), Trzin

    The meaning of that activity is gymnastic in all possible varieties. Children will get to know 25 different sports throughout the year. Mini-basketball, mini-football, hockey, all kinds of team and individual sport games, climbing on an artificial wall, cycling, aerobics, mini-tennis, elementary games… All our activities will have a game for a basic with a good climax and enjoying children in an effort that every single child could find a sport or activity which would keep him going and make him full-fill.

    GIBALNA ABECEDA v angleščini –
    Kid gym in English
    CHILDREN 3-5 , 5-7 years, Zalog sport centre / Ljubljana Bezigrad (Center Soča), Trzin

    This will be the same program as described above, with the only difference in its language. It will be taught in English. This program is a perfect solution of joining sport and a course of English in one lesson. It is meant for all children (above 3 years old) with no, some or good knowledge of English. This program will be held by experienced teachers with degree of Faculty of Sports. Program is meant for Slovenian children who would like to learn English and also for English speaking children whose parents would like to join them into an “international class”.

    PLAVANJE – začetniki –
    SWIMMING – beginners
    CHILDREN 3-5, 4-6, 5-7 years, Soča Center, Faculty of sport, Kamnik city, Kranj

    Children who cannot swim yet or are part-swimmers will enjoy their time in a yearly course. They will learn a lot about the water; get to know its laws and different swimming techniques. Our password is game and a good climax in and at the water. There is no more than 10 children in a group with 4 accompanied swimming teachers and a pedagogue. We will ensure that for every single child will be best taken care of.

    PLAVANJE – nadaljevalci –
    SWIMMING – advanced class
    CHILDREN 5-7, 7-9, 10-14 years, Soča Center, Faculty of Sports, Kamnik city, Kamnik

    It is the continuing course of swimming and it is meant for children with some bases in swimming and for those who would like to improve it and make it better. It lasts 30 or 60 hours in and at the water. In that time children will learn four techniques of swimming, water jumps, bases of rescuing from the water and some other activities connected with water (diving, rowing…). The purpose of that program is to join useful with pleasant, try to use up the energy of your children and plenty of new things to learn. The group will consists of up to 10 children with 2-4 swimming teachers (it depends of an age group), which will insure a fast progress and a possibility for us to pay attention to every child.


    G-rega is very active also in this area. It is co-operating with companies, sport associations and individuals who organize animations.

    For your child’s birthday you can ask for G-rega sport party and choose among several locations (in Ljubljana or in Domžale city). The party lasts for 2,5 hours and it consists of a variety of different sport and animation activities. We will also take care of the soft drinks, animators and foto shooting in the time of the party. So, you just have to book a free time and leave the rest to our team. 


    G-rega is fully licensed to operate the children’s day care (kindergarden) centre. We have 2 units – 1 in Ljubljana-Bežigrad, 1 in Ljubljana-Zalog and in every unite we have to classes – 1-2-years and 3-6-years old children. We have a wide variery of activities, which are all included in the price and they all bring a high-standard service with certified teachers with the knowledge of SLovenian, English and German language. 

    By arrangement we can also provide evening and night time nanny service in Ljubljana.


    Of course we have not forgotten our other activities; rollerblading, skiing, active winter and summer holidays… but more about these programs you can find in our Slovene page.


    We are glad, if you found a program that suits your expectations. For all the details about terms and available times we are available by phone on GSM: +386 41 676 097 or via e-mail:


    You are also wellcome to check out our FB and Instagram page @zavodgrega


    Thank you for choosing G-rega as your future child service partner!