Family bonding holiday

  • Family bonding holiday in Slovenia:

    We are happy to present you a program of FAMILY BONDING HOLIDAYS. Not only children, but also parents, and above all the family as a whole, will enjoy this gigantic sports and entertainment program under the leadership of the G-rega team.

    Hotel Jelka *** on the Pokljuka plateau or. Hotel Bohinj****, which will host the “Family bonding program”, will take care of accommodation and food, and our team for activities that will be attended by parents and children separately, and part of them together – as a family!


     “Family Sports Holiday” includes, among other things, everything that SLOVENIA can offer you:



    • Bicycle trip (parents) and rolling (children) INCLUDED
    • climbing the natural climbing wall (children + parents) INCLUDED
    • Nordic walking (parents) INCLUDED
    • sports games (basketball, football, volleyball, mini tennis ...) (children + parents) INCLUDED
    • body zorbing, mega XXL darts, funball attraction INCLUDED
    • horse riding on Mrcina Ranch in Studor (children) ON DEMAND 
    • kayaking and canoeing along Bohinj Lake (children + parents) ON DEMAND - 
    • swimming and water activities (in the lake or Aquapark Bohinj) (children + parents) ON DEMAND - 
    • "Abzajling" with a pulley over the river Sava Bohinjka canyon (children + parents) ON DEMAND - 
    • rafting by Sava Bohinjka (parents) ON DEMAND -



    • Visit farm and farm animals (children) INCLUDED

    • creative workshops for children INCLUDED• Evening picnic at the fire (children + parents) INCLUDED

    • Family games without borders (children + parents) INCLUDED

    • board games (children + parents) INCLUDED

    • "Familly bonding program" - family relationships (children + parents) INCLUDED• Evening trip with torches INCLUDED

    • family search for a hidden treasure INCLUDED

    • a trip with a cable car and a visit to the farmstead house on Vogel (children + parents) ON DEMAND - 

    • excursion to the plateau Vogar above Bohinj (parents) ON DEMAND - 

    Note: The scope of the program and the set of activities depend on the number of days selected. 


    • a half-day or full-day active excursion to Ljubljana

    • a half-day excursion to the Postojna Cave

    • Knitting along Lake Bled

    • evening picnic at the fire (children + parents)

    • local food and beverage tasting

    All the activities will take the whole day's activities. Directed by animators and colleagues of our partner Activebreak. You are also invited to spend an active vacation and in the family circle in the heart of nature! The program we present to you is designed with the listening for each individual and with an emphasis on a quality active holiday, so for a specific period of space only 10 families! 

    The prices includes:

     • Use of all accessories and materials and materials

    • organization of sports and accompanying activities (depending on the selected options)

    • organizing the program according to the selected activities

    • the cost of running and organizing the program ...

    • Accommodation in Jelka *** 2-5-bed rooms or. hotel Bohinj with breakfast buffet and dinner included

    • Accommodation is also possible in other accomodation types on request (Glamping, boutique hotels, city hotels, etc...)



    ADULTS: • 1240 - 2300€  – prices vary depending on the number of participants, included activities and type of accomodation

    KIDS (4-14 YEARS): • 980 - 2100€  – prices vary depending on the number of participants, included activities and type of accomodation


    ALSO AVAILABLE: Shorter (2-3 days) or longer (7-10 days) programme Supplements: • Airport or bus transfer to / from Slovenia•• Additional wishes for the program implementation

    • No. of families:
    • Accomodation:
      Hotel Jelka*** (50min drive from the airport)
    • Prices:
      please see description below